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May 1, 2012
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   Is Padomay a deity who wants blood and sacrifices (Sithis), or it represents the Everlasting Change, full of mysteries and uncertain stories? Which one of the possible realities are the Truest? Perhaps the answer can be obtained from the PSJJJJ.

   With the Elder Way, the vision of Mundus becomes something deeper and comprehensible, without just a meaning, but with all the possible meanings. The Word is made True, and with True, the Impossible is made Possible.

   The Meaning of the Eye, coming with the Dragon and in a Time without The Crown: All was made possible because it was seen a long time ago, and in all possible ways:

The Red Flame Jewel, which was broken by the Moon-and-Star Soul of the Houses is the Key. The Key of Change and the Key of Sight. Look into the Tower, and you will See: Eight Times and One Choice are made in Oblivion. Look in the Sigillum... All is Sanguis. Seek the Hidden Knowledge but be prepared. Do not carry what you can not if you do not deserve it. But if you choose to, use the Strength of Faith to Guide you through the Void Waters.

All is in One. All is in PSJJJJ.

Sunnabe Tam-riel: Magnus Na Latta Ye Yando Sancre Lattia Va Silaseli. Arctavoy: Latta Ae Ageasel.


Morokei, Glorious Dovah Priest.

Insights about the Mysticism of TES and The Way.
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PunkRoctorok Featured By Owner May 7, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
can you explain this morokei? i'm very interested XD.
PriestMorokei Featured By Owner May 8, 2012
The Old Ways are the Mystic ways of the Psijic Order, a way full of a mysticism much more powerful than those spells and incantations made and performed in the Mage's Guild. The text is representing the interpretations of the Elder Scrolls in any and which possible ways, and the relations between Nerevar, Lorkhan, Oblivion, Alduin and the Empire without an Emperor. If you seek the knowledge of Hermaeus Mora, then you will see into Deep Waters.
PunkRoctorok Featured By Owner May 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer just only made yourself sound more cryptic at the end there xD
PriestMorokei Featured By Owner May 8, 2012
xD ^^
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